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A clear distinction is often made between 'mind' and 'body'. But when considering mental health and physical health, the two should not be thought of as separate.

Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health, leading to an increased risk of some conditions.

There are many studies which have shown that physical activity, good nutrition, regular sleep and hydration can improve an individual’s mental health.

We at Evolving Mindset want to support you through education to understand how to incorporate good physical well-being into your daily life, in order to support your mental well-being. We will also support you in creating positive and sustainable habits for you to set you up for long term success in this area.

Key aims of the session:

  • We will provide education on four components of physical well-being; nutrition, physical activity, sleep and hydration

  • We will provide education on how physical well-being plays an integral part of your mental health

  • We will assist you to identify ways to look after your own physical well-being 

  • We will discuss evidence based information and up to date statistics that will give you an insight into the importance of maintaining good physical well-being

  • We will help you to plan future physical well-being goals and create positive and sustainable habits


Evolving Mindset are working in collaboration with Fuel Up First in Garston

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