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Problem debt and Mental Health very often go hand in hand.  Problem debt can affect your Mental Health, but on the flip side of this, your Mental Health may mean you struggle to manage your money. 

This session will educate you on how to manage your finances in the short and long term, thus impacting positively on your mental health.  

Key aims of the session:

  • We will take a look at statistics associated with problem debt and mental health

  • We will provide education on how to budget your income and expenditure 

  • We will help help you to identify and address the key stress points within your finances

  • We will provide financial tips on how to manage your money more effectively

  • We will discuss the differences between your needs and wants 

We are working in collaboration with Liverpool Community Advice to offer further support and professional advice on problem debt and housing issues.  Please see the link to their website below.

Liverpool Community Advice 

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