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I love the Evolving Mindset set up. I think the courses are great and are designed for those that feel they may be struggling with certain issues but don’t feel they are able to access help elsewhere or may feel uncomfortable to. These courses are set out in a way they appeal to people on all levels. They look and sound enjoyable and very much focused on real life issues. In this current climate I think the service is very much needed and will continue to be needed for some time.

I think the service is great and gives people who need extra support some reassurance and hope that these courses exist. They are able to identify areas they need help with and the courses give them tools to enable them to make a change to their way of thinking / coping. The set up is perfect and easily accessible and the guys who run it are very supportive with great communication.

Debbie Ramsden 

Well-being Co-ordinator - ForHousing

I approached Phil Noon at Evolving Mindset to help us with an event we had organised at Football Performance Academy regarding delivering more information around ‘Mental Health’. As a local grassroots football team working within the community, we felt it was important to ask someone in to discuss ‘Mental Health’ in more depth at our event.

Phil and his team discussed on the day a wide range of various topics to address the stigma around ‘Mental Health’ to the people at the event. Everything that was discussed helped contribute to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Having listened carefully to Phil and his team, all of the workshop had been designed and delivered by Evolving Mindset with the utmost professionalism. With a number of visitors on the day that were potentially sensitive and resistant to change, Evolving Mindset had provided a supportive, caring and non-judgemental approach to their discussions. The feedback on the day from their workshop was overwhelmingly positive with many visitors expressing an interest to further the support that Evolving Mindset might be able to offer.

It is our intention to continue using Evolving Mindset for a range of initiatives in the future given the consistently excellent feedback and response we have received.”


Robin Hulbert

Football Performance Academy-Head Coach

‘Evolving Mindset's programme allows participants to develop an understanding of a wide range of topics related to mental health. Participants are then able to explore these issues in a safe, non-judgemental environmental and are empowered to make changes which have a positive impact on their mental health & wellbeing.


When referring into Evolving Mindset I am confident participants will benefit from the programme, as it is well planned, inclusive and facilitated by passionate and qualified Trainers, Mental Health Nurses and Counsellors. After taking part in these sessions, participants have noted how they felt more knowledgeable on mental health and the strategies they could use to improve their wellbeing. Due to an increase in confidence and self-esteem, participants have also felt able to undertake tasks such as joining a group, taking part in training or looking for employment.’


Thomas Hayes – South Liverpool Homes Health & Wellbeing Lead

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