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People who suffer from isolation and low self-esteem often have a poor image of themselves and may believe no-one likes them and that they are unlovable.  These beliefs often come from strong messages in childhood, maybe by being shamed, ridiculed, put-down, or maybe from being abused.

Isolation can increase the risks of mental health issues such as depression, dementia, social anxiety, and low self-esteem.  Humans are social animals who need human contact to thrive—and sometimes even to survive.

We at Evolving Mindset want to provide you with education on isolation and low self-esteem, with the intent of supporting you to identify ways to improve this part of your life. We will equip you with necessary coping strategies and alternative approaches to combat these feelings. We will support you to become more mindful, helping you to listen to your critical inner voice and practice self-compassion and mindfulness.

Key aims of the session:

  • We will provide education on isolation and low self-esteem and how it can affect your mental health

  • We will assist you to develop coping strategies and find alternative ways to deal with low self-esteem

  • We will discuss up to date evidence-based information and latest statistics to be able to support you to become the best possible version of you

  • We will give you the confidence to support others who may be experiencing isolation and low self-esteem

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