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Evolving Mindset CIC is a not for profit organisation based in the Merseyside Area pursuing activities for the benefit of our local community. We require continual income from donations, as well as raising money ourselves, to cover our operating costs.

There are many ways you can help us to improve the mental health of people in our community:


Volunteer with us

We're always interested in hearing from committed volunteers, however you would like to help us. Whether it be joining our fundraising team, supporting with social media, administrating events or mental health sessions, or even reducing social isolation by calling people on the phone, we'd love to hear from you.

Donation Jar

One-off Donations

You can arrange a one-off donation by clicking the link below. 


Do a sponsored event!

Physical well-being is proven to be effective in improving mental health so, if you're able, get sponsored for an event you're taking part in and raise money for Evolving Mindset.

British Pound Coins

Set up a Regular Donation

If you can spare even a couple of quid a month, that will help us cover our costs and develop the CIC, meaning we can help more people in the community.


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Make Evolving Mindset your 'charitable organisation of the Year' and support us by raising money, organising events and spreading the word to other local businesses!

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Promote Evolving Mindset with Family & Friends

If you've had a good experience with Evolving Mindset, please continue to share the work that we are doing with friends and family. The more people we reach the bigger the positive impact we can have on their lives. 

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