Self-reflection is taking the time to think about, meditate on, evaluate and give serious thought to your behaviours, thoughts, attitudes, motivations and desires. Resilience is the ability to persevere and thrive, despite facing obstacles and setbacks. To be resilient you have to show tenacity, determination, resolve, grit and persistence.

We at Evolving Mindset have combined both self-reflection and resilience to support you to become the best possible version of YOU!

We will provide you with education on the most up to date, evidence based information on how to engage in

self-reflection and how to build resilience.

Key aims of the session:

  • We will provide education on how self-reflection and resilience can improve your mental health

  • We will assist you to develop ways of welcoming failure and building resilience

  • We will discuss up to date evidence-based information and latest statistics to be able to support you to become the best possible version of you

  • We will support you to identify ways to reflect on various areas of your life and provide you with ways to become more resilient in these areas

  • We will give you the confidence to support others to self-reflect and build resilience



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